Stained Glass at the Church of St Peter, Lampeter

This full-colour booklet was written by Martin Crampin and John Hammond for the church. It describes all of the stained glass windows in the church, together with notes and illustrations of other features. The chief artwork of the church is its west window by Wilhelmina Geddes, one of the great stained glasss artists of the twentieth century. It is her last monumental work and one of the finest stained glass windows in Wales.

St Peter's is a Victorian building designed by R.J. Withers, with stained glass of the 1870s designed by Daniel Bell. Not all of the windows have been firmly attributed, but twentieth century works by Robert Newbery, C.E. Kempe & Co., Shrigley & Hunt, Ninian Comper and Powell & Sons are all found at the church.

One of the surprises that came up during the course of research for the booklet was the tentative attribution of a brightly-coloured war memorial window to Clayton & Bell.

Spread from Stained Glass at the Church of St Peter, Carmarthen.

Spread from Stained Glass at the Church of St Peter, Carmarthen.

Copies are available at the church.


'the authors have done justice in words and pictures to all the church's glass, and this is another Sulien Books production that can be heartily recommended'
Peter Cormack, Journal of Stained Glass

'a model of what such a booklet should be, textually and visually, with the added advantage of reliable and pioneering research on the stained glass = very RARE!'
Nicola Gordon Bowe

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